You’ve heard the story by now. Five years ago we launched Yesware as a free Gmail plugin.

But our vision for Yesware was never to be only a powerful email tracking extension. We wanted to bring the Internet’s “least exciting application” into an era of data-driven efficiency.?This?requires tools like email scheduling, attachment tracking, reminders, and limitless email tracking insights.

So we created the Yesware Pro plan to put those exact features in the hands of salespeople and other busy professionals.

Through support from our amazing customers?and investments?from awesome partners like Battery Ventures, Google Ventures, and Foundry Group, we’ve evolved into a full prescriptive sales platform and made up the gap in our costs.

But to keep working hard on Yesware and build a sustainable business, we need to make a change.

We need all of our customers to pay a fair price.

Yesware Free is coming to an end

Over the next few weeks, all free users will be placed on a brand new trial to experience Yesware’s full feature set. Many of you started using Yesware years ago, and haven’t really experienced how far we’ve taken the product. At the end of the trial, we will invite?you to continue using Yesware on our Pro plan at a discounted annual rate of $120.

If you do, you will be equipping yourself with the best set of email tools to help you work more efficiently and grow your business. The Pro plan includes:


The value Yesware Pro provides:

  • Behavioral insight that drives more than 20% new business
  • Messaging knowledge that increases email reply rates by 30%+
  • Email tools that make you 10% more efficient every day

Don’t take my word for it—see for yourself what our paying customers have to say.

For more details on the Pro plan and this transition, we published an FAQ to help answer your questions.

Where your money goes when you buy Yesware Pro

All of our free users have been an important part of our early success and for that, we are extremely grateful.?We want to make it easy for you to understand why the Yesware Pro plan costs what?it costs.

So where does the money go? What and who?at?Yesware does it support, and how?

Here’s a breakdown of the costs that a $15 monthly Yesware Pro plan helps us cover:


For this calculation, we looked at the average monthly expenses associated with keeping our Pro plan up and running. It boils down to:

  • Team member salaries
  • Business operations
  • Servers and hosting
  • The tools we use
  • Credit card transaction fees

Let’s?break it down a bit further to?explain?what each item contains and amounts to.

People who build and People who support: $8.55

Our team member’s salaries, healthcare, benefits, and other related costs make up roughly 57% of the?$15 that we receive from a Pro plan customer. These are the folks that design, develop, and educate our customers about Yesware Pro features like Email Tracking, Templates, Send Later, and Reminders.


Business operations: $3.00

Just like your business, ours includes expenses like office rent, insurance, utilities (literally keeping the lights on), and all the legal, accounting and payroll costs that come with growing a sustainable business.

Servers and Hosting: $1.80

Yesware is built on top of services like Heroku, which runs on Amazon Web Services. This allows our team to focus on developing the best possible product and user experience for our customers, rather than getting bogged down by infrastructure operations.

The Tools We Use: $0.90

The tools and subscriptions we pay for assist with everything from helping our customers (like Zendesk) to staying connected as a bi-coastal team (thanks, Bluejeans).

Credit Card Transaction Fees: $0.75

Every time someone uses a credit card to pay for Yesware Pro, a small portion of their payment goes to the credit card processors and ultimately the banks that issue these cards.

What it means for Free

To continue to grow and provide value to our customers, Yesware could no longer cover the costs of free users (Cost of Free =?People who build and support + Business operations + Servers and Hosting + The Tools we Use).?

Ending the free plan was a difficult decision to make. We’ve literally struggled over this decision for years. Ultimately, we came to the conclusion?that this business decision would?allow us to accelerate the development and growth of Yesware’s entire prescriptive sales platform and better service our customers. The faster we release powerful, new features, the more helpful we are to customers.?

What to do now

After your new trial, the Yesware Free plan will no longer be available. For individuals looking to boost their email effectiveness, there will be a Yesware Pro upgrade offer.

It’s everything you need — an all-in-one total email productivity toolkit that gives you the power to always know what happens after you click send, which will make you a lot more money.

That’s why in the next 30 days you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • See what’s new.
  • Give it a test drive.
  • Decide if it’s for you.

If it is, you can lock in the lower price point, and you’ll be well on your way to becoming an email powerhouse.


Have more questions?

No problem — simply drop us a line at We’re here to help make this transition as smooth as possible.