Cars | 30 August 2017

The Duster success story

2017 - Nouveau Dacia DUSTER - Design Exterieur
Renault and Dacia have sold more than 2 million Dusters in seven years. These two numbers sum up all of Duster’s success! Here’s a look at the Duster success story, which is still being written.
by Caroline De Beaumont

2010, Dacia challenged the norms of the automobile market with Duster

After Logan was launched in 2004, and Sandero in 2008, Dacia continued its mission: to offer affordable vehicles with features meeting the expectations of this ‘new’ clientele. This time, they bet on a versatile, reliable SUV at the price of a city car. Duster was born. It was a daring bet indeed!

The first target markets: countries with fast-growing economies. Duster offered the “middle class” a modern, robust, reliable and accessible vehicle that could adapt to all driving styles and climates. It was an unprecedented offer for these markets.

There was certainly a demand for it!

Duster, a scandalously accessible SUV

With its strong front end, broad, rounded wings, protective shield, high ground clearance, and off-road abilities among the best in the market, there can be no doubt that Duster has the intrinsic qualities of an SUV. This is also true of the interior, with its modern, functional and versatile cabin. And a further argument: Duster offers C-segment features at B-segment prices!

From its arrival on the market, Duster has been offered at the price of a city car. Our customers were right: with an SUV at a budget price, a revolution in the world of SUVs is possible!

Its success has only grown: 450,000 Dusters were sold in three years. Duster was remodeled in 2013, and the new version was just as popular.

Two versions to satisfy customers’ needs?

With a 4X4 version for a clientele seeking all-terrain capacities, and a 4X2 model for more versatile driving, the Duster offering meets every customer’s needs.

Duster’s recognized off-road abilities!

Trophée Andros in France, the Gazelles Rally in Morocco, and the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in the USA: Duster has shown its off-road abilities and maneuverability at automobile races around the world.

And the success story continues!

Discover the all-new Duster's exterior styling pictures. And follow?the Dacia Press conference live at the Francfort Motor Show on September 12th at 11:10 a.m. and the unveiling of all-new Duster.

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