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For a shared ethics

The Groupe Renault's profitable growth is largely based on the confidence instilled throughout its whole social environment. Shared, reciprocal trust to inspire our employees, our clients, our suppliers, our shareholders and our partners.

Mutual trust and shared values

An ethical charter to protect and unite

Groupe Renault’s charter of ethics is intended for all employees all over the world, regardless of their job or position on the corporate ladder. These decisions must respect the regulations in force in each country where the Group operates. It reaffirms the Group’s collective commitment to instil and develop this trust.


Its goal: to allow everyone, in their daily practices, to adopt the fundamental values upheld by both leadership and employees in five major areas.

The charter is a summation of the values and measures that, through the judgement and understanding of every employee, ought to help us seek out and make the right decision in a given situation.

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To go a step further

Preventing corruption

This guide?"preventing corruption" commits the company to an active and determined policy to prevent and counter corruption and influence peddling.

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Professional ethics codes

The “dedicated professional ethics codes” specify the rules of proper conduct that should be applied in professions with heightened ethical requirements (governance, security, IT, procurement, sales, customs, etc.).

Substainable purchasing

As a key player in the global automotive sector, Groupe Renault works with thousands of companies. Our suppliers are in fact essential partners and contributors to our sustainable procurement policy.

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A mechanism to serve our mobilisation initiative

An implementation mechanism has been set up using the following tools:

A reporting mechanism

This mechanism allows any employee of the Group to flag any incident that could serious damage the company’s interests, affect its operations, or engage its responsibilities. This mechanism is a right for all employees and remains optional. The other reporting channels within the company (supervisors, HR officers, staff representatives, account oversight, ethics offices, etc.) should be given top priority.

A steering organisation

This organisation is made up of an Ethics and Compliance Director, who chairs an ethics and compliance committee and an anti-fraud and corruption committee, and a network of ethics correspondents in countries with on a similar structure of local ethics and compliance committees.

Training and awareness raising

Ethical and anti-fraud awareness-raising training courses are offered in all countries where Groupe Renault operates.

An ethics website

An ethics intranet site that can be referred to for documentation (ethics doctrine).

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