Prospecting Campaigns

With Yesware Campaigns, you can create custom email campaigns that send on their own. Layer in calls and follow-up touches. Drop in new recipients. Win more deals.

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Create multi-channel, multi-touch email campaigns

Yesware Campaigns let you tailor customized outreach to any prospect or audience. Choose from a number of different touch types in your toolbox, like automated or manual emails, phone call reminders, and LinkedIn InMail. Then set timing and cadence for each touch, creating effective campaigns that get prospects to respond.

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Add recipients and get personal

You can add recipients to your campaign individually or all at once by importing a CSV file. Automatically customize emails for each recipient, and add new recipients as you go with the press of a button. Salesforce and LinkedIn integrations make the personal touch even easier: you can auto-populate Campaigns with Contact info, and get up-to-date insights into a Contact’s recent activity.

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Hit ‘Send’, and put follow-up on autopilot

After you’ve launched your campaign, Yesware automatically reminds you – right in your inbox – when it’s time to send a follow-up email or call, or connect on LinkedIn. You can even set up automated follow-up emails to go out if a prospect doesn’t respond to your first outreach.

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Track the results. Tweak for better performance

As your Campaign goes out, you’ll see who’s opening your emails, who’s replying, and who’s booking meetings. View the data for insights into what your prospects are interested in, and then customize upcoming touches to give them what they want. You’ll get higher connect rates and book more meetings in less time.

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Automated outreach right from your Inbox

Yesware works with Gmail and O365, working the tools you need to reach out and follow up right into your everyday workflow. Less switching between apps, more deals won.

One easy sales tool

Yesware’s all-in-one toolkit for sales professionals helps you book better meetings, track results, and drive more business – right from your inbox.

Put your outreach on Auto-Pilot

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