Set your data entry to autopilot. Yesware automatically syncs your email data to Salesforce without any manual effort needed. Use the Salesforce Sidebar to see your contact’s recent activity and create new Salesforce tasks, right from your inbox.

Yesware’s integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows you to view the LinkedIn profiles of your prospects and send customized InMails and Connection Requests directly from the Yesware sidebar.

DocSend for Yesware allows users to track how Yesware Campaign recipients are engaging with the content that they include in their emails (.pdfs, eBooks, white pages, etc.). By understanding which content resonates with decision-makers, both Sales and Marketing win.

Clari’s Connected Revenue Operations Platform pulls in data provided by Yesware to deliver full funnel accountability across sales, marketing and customer success. With Yesware x Clari, you’ll have everything you need to build stronger business relationships, faster.

Highspot provides you with the most effective sales assets – as well as just-in-time guidance and relevant information – so you can win that next deal. With Yesware and Highspot, you’ll have all the insight you need plus the content to back it up.